Born in the woods

Founded in 1998, we set out to build a leather goods brand to connect the everyday person with their passion for the outdoors through quality products and classic styles. Weber's Leather is proud to offer seamlessly stitched together, functional, conversational, individualistic…carry-every-day wallets. It's Simple; the more you carry ’em, the better they look!

who we are

Exploring the fields, rivers, and oceans is the inspiration that has come to define the very essence of our Weber's Leather, from our birthplace in the woods of Minnesota to all our shared passion for adventure.

Hand crafted

Each leather wallet is handcrafted, and hand burnished by artisans with incredible attention to detail and
top-quality workmanship.While the inspiration and design for our goods is created in our office in Wichita, KS, we proudly partner with creators and crafters from the US to Mexico to India who share in our passion and meet our standards for excellence.

Weber’s Premier Leather products are constructed from the highest quality of full grain cowhide. Our wallets are built to last and are handcrafted for function and durability.Characteristics of each hide define the uniqueness of every finished piece, meaning no two wallets are alike.

Dynasty Wallet Collection

started it all. It begins with exceptional leather rarely used anymore due to high cost. We combined this premium leather with old-school tannage – a time-honored tanning process to create soft supple leather – then hand-oiled for enhanced protection and a stylish finish.

Pursuit Wallet Collection

is made of rugged, full-grain, colored leather; it’s smooth to the touch and built to last. These wallets aren’t just for storing cards and cash. They are a statement piece that speaks to your character and style.

Wildlife Wallet Collection

starts with a premium leather that is hand-burnished with incredible
attention to detail and top-quality workmanship. Each wallet is hand-crafted and unique. Hand burnishing is a process that patinas the leather and brings the oils to the surface, highlighting all the characteristics of the premium, full-grain leather.